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BRUT.me Portal / ONLINE Gameservers

BRUT.me Half-Life Opposing Force Counter Strike 1.6 Sven Co-Op Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Diablo WarCraft FORUM IRC

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 05:51 AM

Hello, I want to present BRUT.me Portal @ http://BRUT.me


It is a slovak portal, running for 1 and half year now, so its a stable project with a bright future :D. We are running FORUM (not only PC games and IT but a lot of other stuff and downloads there), blogs, photoalbums, forum games, youtube browser, radio and TV browser etc.


IRC server (open) is running, for connecting to ONLINE gameservers and for communication purposes


FTP for downloading usefull stuff


& ONLINE Gameservers:


BRUT.me Half-Life DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Counter-Strike 1.6 CLASSIC:
BRUT.me Half-Life TeamPlay REAL:

BRUT.me Jazz Jackrabbit 2 CTF:

BrutleNET (for WarCraft II, Diablo I & Diablo II)


All servers are mostly original setings, with some minor improvements, Half-Life based servers are for steam and nonsteam and set up more realistic, so there is realistic falldamage and friendlyfire ON.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is default Capture the Flag mode

BrutleNET server is simulating Battle.net and u can play there and can be ranked in these games: WarCrat II, Diablo I and Diablo II Lord of Destruction, there is no realm, u can connect with a character, that u have created on your computer


More info about the servers: http://brut.me/amxba...versdetails.php


More games and stuff is added continously, u are welcome :)









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Posted 10 March 2015 - 07:39 AM



BRUT.me Portal is still running and the players amount has increased, that is why we created 2 new servers


BRUT.me Wanted! DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Counter-Strike 1.6 GUNGAME:


more info about the Half-life western mod Wanted!


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